Homestead Exemption Freeze

In 2006, the taxpayers of Camden County passed SB496. This is an exemption that is equal to the difference between the Assessors fair market value and the base year. The “base year” means the taxable year immediately preceding the taxable year in which the exemption is first granted to the most recent owner. The exemption shall include only the primary residence and not more than five acres of land immediately surrounding the home. Any improvements made to the property after January 1 will be added to the base year value for the following tax year.

Types of Homestead Exemptions

  • Standard Homestead
  • Senior Exemption for 62 years of age
  • 100% Disabled Veteran or Surviving Spouse
  • Surviving Spouse of a US Service Member killed in action
  • Surviving Spouse of a Peace Office or Firefighter killed in the line of duty


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